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All Sleeve Art for this
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contributed by the Artists.

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7" Singles Sleeve Art Gallery


Dreaming of Paris
b/w Wedding In Madagascar

This artwork illustrated by Ed Ruscha of Los Angeles, an 8-figure visual artist who has dominated the American Art scene.

Black Gold
b/w Aquarium

By the legendary Frank Holmes, who created the sleeve artwork for the 'lost' Beach Boys album SMiLE almost 48 years ago.

Missin' Missippi
b/w The Parting Hand

By Sally Parks, Van Dyke's wife, whose Mississippi birthright and watercolourist ability makes her the perfect candidate for this new song about Katrina, and Stanley Dorfman, UK music director and artist.

Wall Street
b/w Money Is King

By Pulitzer Prize-winning artist/author Art Spiegelman, whose award winning graphic novel 'Maus' helped define the way Parks looks at life.

Amazing Graces
b/w Hold Back Time

Life-size sculptures of VDP by Charles Ray, whose 'Boy with Frog' overlooking Venice is the new hot topic over the Grand Canal.

The All Golden
b/w Sassafras

Illustrated by Klaus Voormann, illustrator of the Beatles' Revolver and Anthology albums, and Billy Edd Wheeler, vernacular artist and musician of the Appalachian Mountains.